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Unmuting the pulpit: How to bring the church back to life | The Mark Harrington Show | 12-17-20

December 22, 2020

How would you respond to the following objections?

  • “I think we should just pray about abortion.”
  • “Abortion is a social issue; I’m about the gospel.”
  • “Speaking out will only inflict greater pain on those who have had abortions.”
  • “Abortion is a controversial & divisive issue. I’m called to protect the unity of my church.”

To get answers to these questions, Mark interviews Mike Spencer, who was a pastor for 23 years.  Mike shares his experience leading a church and training pro-life advocates.

Q: Why did you leave the pastorate to work in the pro-life movement?

Q: We know what pulpit silence costs the unborn. This is the greatest travesty. But what does pastoral silence with respect to abortion cost the church?

Q: What is the biblical role of the pastor in an abortion culture? What should this look like?

Q: Is the Bible silent on abortion?

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