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“Steam-Cooked” Babies Thrown into Landfills: Wake Up America! | The Mark Harrington Show

December 22, 2015
Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has caught Ohio Planned Parenthood clinics pitching aborted babies into landfills like common household trash, and the abortion lobby responds by... blaming him for catching them?  The "this is about ending abortion" defense is a broken record that abortion advocates play on loop every time they are caught breaking the law... and apparently this defense seems sufficient to our citizens and politicians at large, because they are eventually permitted to continue doing business EVERY SINGLE TIME!

As Mike DeWine announced this horrific news, we could hear the collective SIGH of the church.  They refuse to be involved because they claim abortion is not a "gospel issue," but that is really just a huge cop-out for passive pastors who are too afraid of offending their church members.  According to a recent study, the majority of Christians in America have been either directly or indirectly involved in an abortion.  If we do not convict those in our churches of their complicity in abortion, how can we give them true spiritual healing?!  If we as Christian leaders are not applying the gospel to the cultural issues of the day, WHAT are we DOING?