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Saving Northern Ireland: Interview with Ruth Rawlins of CBR UK | The Mark Harrington Show | 10-17-19

October 17, 2019

Northern Ireland is on the verge of removing all limits to abortion, and some pro-lifers are doing all they can stop that from happening.

Ruth Rawlins, Head of Communications for CBR UK, comes on Mark’s show to discuss efforts to censor the anti-abortion message by British MPs, government officials, and billboard advertisers.

While displaying abortion victim images, Phil Connor, Antisocial Behaviour Service Delivery Manager, confronted CBR UK activists with a Community Protection Warning accusing the pro-lifers of engaging in “unreasonable behaviour which is persistent” and “having a detrimental effect on the quality of life of others.”

The written warning, issued under the Antisocial Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014, defined the unreasonable behavior as: “Displaying large images of unborn and/or aborted fetuses which have caused or are likely to cause distress and/or alarm to members of the public.”

So, killing babies doesn’t cause distress or alarm but displaying the victims does?

CBR UK is raising awareness on the pro-abortion position of MP Stella Creasy for her attempts to force Northern Ireland to decriminalize all abortions.

* Read more about this injustice HERE:​_

I will be speaking at the Clarkson Academy on October 19 at a time when CBR UK is under fire for doing what Created Equal has routinely done here is the US: Expose politicians and enablers of abortion. 

Please stand in prayer for our pro-life brothers and sisters across the pond. 

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