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Ohio State Law Student Threatened, Bullied for Writing Pro-Life Column | The Mark Harrington Show

December 3, 2015

Ohio State law student Madison Gesiotto received threats after publishing a pro-life column in the Washington Times entitled "The number one killer of black Americans."  When she met with the Dean to address these threats, the Dean ignored her concerns and instead LECTURED her in detail for her pro-life views!  She was even called a "racist" by Ohio State's Black Law Students Association!  Listen to Mark as he interviews Madison about her story, the left's bully tactics, and why those tactics are so effective.

Apparently the "Safe Space" of the American University is for everyone BUT pro-lifers and conservatives!  You are only treated fairly if you hold a politically correct view. The left needs reminded that there is only ONE first amendment, and that it was designed to protect unpopular speech.  Popular speech needs no protection!  Ms. Gesiotto deserves an apology from Dean Michaels and a guarantee that she can exercise her God-given rights without intimidation.

Sign our petition to urge Dean Michaels to issue an apology and to vow to protect her safety and free speech rights!