Activist Radio: The Mark Harrington Show

Justice Riders to the Rescue: “We will never give up!”

May 10, 2016

Some believe we are winning the battle over abortion because of what NARAL’s Nancy Keenan called the “intensity gap.” Our Justice Riders are made up of some of our most active pro-life activists. They’ve led their own outreaches. They’ve trained their peers in apologetics. And now they’re raising the stakes to give their summer full-time to #THERESISTANCE. From downtown centers to busy highway overpasses, they’re placing images of humans slaughtered by abortion in the public eye. They’re pleading with those entering abortion facilities, answering objections to the case against abortion, and so much more.

Listen in as Mark interviewsIan Spencer and Sarah Jimenez share their experiences on campuses acrossAmerica.  You will be inspired.

It is their commitment to God which compels them to stand apart from an apathetic generation. It’s His love for them which inspires their love for those vulnerable. Follow our team of game-changers this summer with pictures, videos, and more: Follow us on