Activist Radio: The Mark Harrington Show

Feds try to censor #OperationRNC

May 27, 2016

Created Equal applied for permits for July 13-15 in Cleveland for the days leading up to the RNC. We recently received an email from the city saying they cannot approve our permits until federal, state, and local law enforcement set up their security plans. However, our "permit" is the First Amendment to the US Constitution!

Delaying approval of our permits is the game they play to infringe upon the effort to get our message out. First Amendment protections can be accommodated along with security concerns for the convention. We are going sue the city if they don’t approve the permits by June 1. Our case is especially egregious because we are applying for permits for the week before the RNC even begins!

Mark discusses how we fight for the right to speak almost as often as we fight for the right to life of the preborn. 

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