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Bill Gates: COVID 19 savior or merchant of death? How the pandemic is being used to advance a globalists population control effort | The Mark Harrington Show | 4-30-20

April 30, 2020

Bill Gates is considered an expert on the COVID 19 pandemic because his foundation helps fund globalists health policies, and organizations. Gates is also working to help create a vaccination against the Coronavirus.  Too most, for good reason, Bill Gates is considered a humanitarian.

But the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is also a known financier of pro-abortion organizations and is also funding an international “family planning” organization which distributes pill abortions worldwide. DKT International operates “offices in 24 countries” and boasts that it is “one of the world’s largest providers of family planning.”

Mark interviews Carole Novielli, Research Fellow for Live Action and contributing writer at Live Action News about her research regarding global population control and how the abortion cartel is moving a light speed to make abortions available via TelAbortion and “no test” abortions.

Here are some of the questions Mark will ask:

  • Question #1: What is the difference between Telemedicine/Telehealth, TelAbortion, No Test abortions?
  • Question #2: How is the abortion industry getting away with not requiring a pregnancy and blood tests before subscribing pill abortion medicine?
  • Question #3: Who is behind the “no test” abortion? What is the protocol? Is it FDA approved? Are there limits?
  • Question #4: Has the COVID 19 crisis given abortionists cover to expand telabortions? What can we do to stop it?

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