Justice Ride: Training committed activists for life

November 29, 2016

Mark describes why Created Equal has chosen the Freedom Rides of the 1960s to model in our modern-day fight for human equality for preborn children. He describes the process of recruting brave defenders for our Justice Rides, training them into veteran activists, and then mentoring them remotely as they lead their own outreaches in their hometowns.

Students who join the Justice Ride are trained to make a case against abortion—including both what to say and how to say it. They are bold, committed, articulate, and gracious. But they aren't just hopping on the latest social justice fad--these students are trained by Created Equal to be brave advocates for preborn children, as long as it takes to end the injustice. 

Donald Trump and the Hacksaw Ridge Effect

November 21, 2016

Mark compares the effort to defend liberty and save more babies to the character Dustin Doss in the movie Hacksaw Ridge. Doss said, "With a world set on taking life, I intend on saving it.” Christians need to step up to the plate and be willing to be persecuted. When Christ calls a man, He bids him come and die: “Greater love has no one than this that one lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13) The election of Donald Trump has given us a very small window to make a very big impact for good. Also, Mark discusses our plans to go to Washington DC for the inauguration and the Million Women March on Jan. 20-21, 2016.

2016 Election: A Temporary Reprieve

November 11, 2016

Mark discusses the winners and the losers of the 2016 national election.

WINNERS: The people, preborn children, patriots, political prudence, free market capitalism, law enforcement, military, federalism, and the working class.

LOSERS: Clintons, Obamas, Bushes, elites, corruption, Planned Parenthood, establishment, #NeverTrumpers, identity politics, Black Lives Matter, Iran, ISIS, Russians, China, political correctness, socialism, illegals, anti-Americanism, states, and climate hoaxers.

Now let’s work together to keep President-elect Trump’s feet to the fire!

The Morning After – Nov. 9 and the Fate of the Nation

October 28, 2016

There is a right and wrong way to vote because elections have consequences. But, after the votes are counted, will you still stay engaged in the process or will you go away until the next election?  Mark spends some time unpacking the Christian duty to stay engaged after the election and not fall into apathy. America is desperate for Christians to not get cynical and pessimistic about the future, but to keep believing and fighting for justice.

100 Parties for PP’s 100th year and the VOTE ANTI-ABORTION Project

October 17, 2016

100 years of misleading women and killing babies isn’t anything to celebrate. Recently, #ProtestPP held 100 prayer vigils to mark the anniversary. In this episode, Mark discusses the fact that Planned Parenthood opposed abortion up until 1970 just before SCOTUS decided Roe v. Wade, but now has become the nation’s top child-killer. 50M babies won’t ever get a birthday thanks to Planned Parenthood. 

Also, Created Equal’s battleground states voter education strategy is discussed.

Is the Gospel the sole answer to abortion-killing?

October 11, 2016

The Bible says the “gospel is the power unto salvation" (Rom. 1:16). As Christians, we understand that in order to have cultural transformation our nation needs Christ.  In this episode of the Mark Harrington Show, Mark compares the abortion holocaust to other tragedies and asks the hard questions about how Christians and the church should respond. Questions such as: is “bridge building” evangelism alone adequate to address mass murder? If dozens of born people were systematically executed every day in your city, would your response be to share the Gospel with those doing the killing or would you do all you could to stop them? Sadly, even most Christians don’t treat the unborn like the born. If they did, we would see more action to “rescue those being led away to slaughter.”

In this second segment, Mark addresses the “trust women” argument that abortion-advocates promote. Please listen and share. 

Court Victory in Stericycle v. Created Equal

September 29, 2016

Mark joins Thomas Brejcha of the Thomas More Society to discuss Created Equal’s victory in court regarding Project Weak Link and the exposure of Stericycle, Planned Parenthood’s top waste hauler. Mark said, “Pro-life free speech and the rule of law prevailed today. Corporate bullies like Stericycle are not immune to exposure for their involvement in abortion-killing. If Stericycle is really concerned about the effects of our awareness campaign on their public image, then they will cease enabling Planned Parenthood by transporting and disposing aborted babies and the instruments used to kill them. If they continue to partner with the abortion industry, the campaign to expose them will continue.” 

Tune in and share in the victory for free speech and defending babies.

For more information, go to ProjectWeakLink.com. 

A Thug’s Life: How violence is now an acceptable way to disagree

September 23, 2016

Created Equal conducted an outreach at Ohio University on September 16 and was met with a“gender neutral” uterus and jack-booted pro-abortion bandit who had donned a mask and hood. Both approaches show that abortion advocates are not really interested in dialogue or debate but simply want to rely on uninformed students to perpetuate their reign of abortion-killing. Abortion supporters rely almost entirely on the institutions of government and the courts to sustain the slaughter of preborn children rather than convincing the public to defend butchering babies.

Listen as Mark discusses with Jacob Hoback of Bobcats for Life how a pro-abortion ninja warrior pounded our abortion victims with a club.

The Forgotten Victims of 9/11

September 19, 2016

More Americans were killed by abortionists on September 11 than were killed by Islamic terrorists. 3,000 deaths among the 50,000 people who worked at the World Trade Center would mean about one in seventeen was killed. One in three unborn babies is killed by abortion every day. On September 11, it would have been six times safer to be a worker in the Twin Towers than it was to be a baby in her mother’s womb. 

Why did Americans write big checks to the Red Cross and the United Way, but ignore pro-life organizations, which are struggling to raise funds? 

Could it be because the press made the victims of September 11 so painfully real? After all, we were shown pictures of the World Trade Center tragedy on television night after night in the following weeks and months. Grieving relatives were interviewed. Their backgrounds were profiled. The press also made real the horror of the victims' deaths. The sight of airliners crashing into skyscrapers tortured us. We were sickened by pictures of people jumping from the upper floors. We gasped as the buildings collapsed into rubble. The images were published and broadcast until they became unbearable. Thus was forged a national consensus that,somehow, each of us must fight terrorism, personally, regardless of the cost.

Sadly, no such consensus exists concerning abortion -- even in the church.

Becoming a Pro-Life Defender in 60 Seconds

September 9, 2016

Want to know a few easy tips to win the debate over abortion? Mark lays out a way to simplify the abortion debate known as "trot out the toddler." The hard cases of rape, incest, and bodily autonomy are also discussed. Mark then shares the theological proof to defend preborn babies. Pass this important resource on to your friends and colleagues to brush up on their apologetics skills.