A Thug’s Life: How violence is now an acceptable way to disagree

September 23, 2016

Created Equal conducted an outreach at Ohio University on September 16 and was met with a“gender neutral” uterus and jack-booted pro-abortion bandit who had donned a mask and hood. Both approaches show that abortion advocates are not really interested in dialogue or debate but simply want to rely on uninformed students to perpetuate their reign of abortion-killing. Abortion supporters rely almost entirely on the institutions of government and the courts to sustain the slaughter of preborn children rather than convincing the public to defend butchering babies.

Listen as Mark discusses with Jacob Hoback of Bobcats for Life how a pro-abortion ninja warrior pounded our abortion victims with a club.

The Forgotten Victims of 9/11

September 19, 2016

More Americans were killed by abortionists on September 11 than were killed by Islamic terrorists. 3,000 deaths among the 50,000 people who worked at the World Trade Center would mean about one in seventeen was killed. One in three unborn babies is killed by abortion every day. On September 11, it would have been six times safer to be a worker in the Twin Towers than it was to be a baby in her mother’s womb. 

Why did Americans write big checks to the Red Cross and the United Way, but ignore pro-life organizations, which are struggling to raise funds? 

Could it be because the press made the victims of September 11 so painfully real? After all, we were shown pictures of the World Trade Center tragedy on television night after night in the following weeks and months. Grieving relatives were interviewed. Their backgrounds were profiled. The press also made real the horror of the victims' deaths. The sight of airliners crashing into skyscrapers tortured us. We were sickened by pictures of people jumping from the upper floors. We gasped as the buildings collapsed into rubble. The images were published and broadcast until they became unbearable. Thus was forged a national consensus that,somehow, each of us must fight terrorism, personally, regardless of the cost.

Sadly, no such consensus exists concerning abortion -- even in the church.

Becoming a Pro-Life Defender in 60 Seconds

September 9, 2016

Want to know a few easy tips to win the debate over abortion? Mark lays out a way to simplify the abortion debate known as "trot out the toddler." The hard cases of rape, incest, and bodily autonomy are also discussed. Mark then shares the theological proof to defend preborn babies. Pass this important resource on to your friends and colleagues to brush up on their apologetics skills.


Are Pro-Lifers Playing “Whack-a-Mole”?

September 6, 2016

Close one abortion center down, another one pops up. For about a decade, abortion mills have been closing all across America.  However, Planned Parenthood has been trying to fill the gap by constructing giant abortion factories in major US cities.  Just last week in Toledo, the shuttered Center for Choice was razed. In DC, Planned Parenthood opened a regional mega-center. Considering this “Whack-a-Mole” scenario, it is hard to see whether we are winning. Mark shares that the real determining factor for our effectiveness is whether the demand for abortion is decreasing overall. On that front, abortion numbers are steadily decreasing. In 1990, abortions reached their peak at1.6M. However, now they are around 1M per year. Along with public opinion moving ever so slowly in the pro-life direction, we are clearly making progress.

Finally, Mark discusses whether he feels building memorials to the preborn are premature since most memorials are constructed after the killing ends. Please tune in every week at 1:30 ET on WRFDam880 in the Ohio area or download the show using Podbean or iTunes.  

As America dumps God, is there any hope?

August 26, 2016

Half of Americans who have left the church no longer believe in God, resulting in a surge of nearly one quarter of the nation who have no affiliation with any religion. This trend is an alarming reminder of how we cannot expect to win the culture war when the influence of Christianity is waning in America. In Ezekiel 9:3-7,  God says He put a mark on those who “groan and lament” over the abominations that were happening, thus marking these saints for protection and favor. Then God had the masses slaughtered--beginning in the sanctuary. Do you groan and lament over the state of America and the church? If not, you need to stop thinking of church as a fun social gathering and start taking seriously our commission to change the world. The apathetic church will not avoid the judgement of God. Mark spells out what must be done in order to turn these troubling trends around. 

Abortion: Un-safe and un-rare

August 12, 2016

NARAL claims the reason abortion-killing advocates fought to decriminalize abortion was to make it safe for women. Abortion is not safe for babies or mothers. Abortion decapitates, dismembers, and disembowels a preborn child. Abortion is not unsafe for women just because it is a risky surgical procedure that involves a very delicate part of a women’s anatomy--abortion is unsafe for women because abortion kills a baby.  Mothers killing their own offspring is contrary to the natural part of being a woman – childbearing. 

DNC: The Abortion Convention

August 4, 2016

Ilyse Hogue, NARAL President, among other groups that tout child-killing, took over the DNC in Philadelphia last week. Democrats shout “abortion” while the GOP soft-pedals their defense of the preborn. Post-abortive women often tend to lead the charge in helping other women kill their own offspring. Pro-abortion leaders, clinic escorts and politicians promote abortion because it helps them cope with the inward guilt they feel for killing their own babies. 

Mark discusses how focusing on how women are hurt by abortion alone is a losing pro-life strategy. Anti-abortion advocates must prove the humanity of the preborn and the inhumanity of abortion in order to change public opinion.

Into the Enemy’s Camp at the DNC

July 29, 2016

Mark shares about #OperationDNC and how abortion advocates lie about the behavior of most pro-lifers. The newly produced virtual reality pro-abortion propaganda video called “Across the Line” describing pro-life activist as angry, insensitive harassers is just that – virtual and not real. However, Cosmopolitan magazine (of all the publications) got it right in describing our conduct at the DNC. Contrary to popular belief, we behave with love and civility towards those who oppose us. See the Cosmo article here: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/politics/news/a61966/anti-abortion-planned-parenthood-dnc/


#OperationDNC Takes Off

July 25, 2016

#OperationDNC is in full swing! This week, the Democratic party has to face the victims it advocates to kill as our aerial banner flies in the skies above Philadelphia. In the "city of brotherly love," our team is hitting the streets hard to confront politicians, media, and citizens for their outspoken support of brutal killing of children. From Gosnell's "House of Horrors" to overpasses to downtown abortion facilities, our team will not be ignored. Listen to Mark discuss the extremism of the Democratic party's stand on abortion and what that means for the pro-life movement. 

Boots on the Ground at #OperationRNC

July 18, 2016

Created Equal led a coalition of anti-abortion activists during #OperationRNC in Cleveland to prepare for the GOP convention this week. As our tow banner flew overheard and team members gathered on the sidewalks to reveal victim abortion images, our goal was reached. For the first time ever, the GOP party platform includes a stance of defunding Planned Parenthood. It is with this victory that we look ahead and prepare to reach virulent opposition in abortion advocates at the DNC next week.