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Whistleblower Part II: “COVID Injections are killing people” | The Mark Harrington Show | 7-1-21

July 1, 2021

As a follow up to the first blockbuster episode, Mark interviews a whistleblower who sits on a COVID 19 task force a second time about her findings regarding the COVID 19 vaccine.


On this episode, Mark gets answers to the questions:


  • What is the difference between the mRNA vaccines and the DNA?

  • Does the COVID shot affect fertility or cause blood clotting, deafness, blindness, and seizures?

  • What is the threat posed by the “Delta variant”?

  • Are we going to have lockdowns again?

  • Is the FDA going to authorize the shot? Will that lead to mandatory vaccinations?

  • Why did the animal vaccine trials for SARS1 fail?

  • Are there issues with using aborted fetal cells?


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