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VICTORY: Federal Anti-Life Buffer Zone Law DROPPED by Trump Administration | The Mark Harrington Show

August 4, 2017

What would Martin Luther King, Jr. do about abortion if he were alive today? Like the civil rights movement, the public accusation of being non-peaceful and law-breaking has dogged pro-lifers throughout the history of the pro-life movement, despite the fact that our movement is without a doubt the most peaceful and law-abiding civil rights movement in American history. We should expect this kind of slander from the ENEMIES OF LIFE but not from our FRIENDS!

On today’s show our National Director, Mark Harrington, deals with criticisms that the effort in Louisville to help close the last remaining abortion mill were not peaceful, law-abiding, and harmed the efforts of local activists to sidewalk counsel.

Dr. King was forced to deal with similar division in his movement, and regretfully, we need to deal with division in ours. Tune in for some real clarity on how to deal with these tactical challenges to ending abortion.

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