Activist Radio: The Mark Harrington Show

The absurdity of “safe zones” for the secularist and the saint.

May 23, 2016

This is not violence,” an angry abortion advocate screams while physically attacking a Created Equal team member. Last week a Columbus, OH resident roughed up one of our outreach team members even before he had an opportunity to dialogue with his intended audience. It seems increasingly common for abortion advocates not only to dissent to our message but also to resort to violence. In defending the violence of abortion, abortion advocates use violence to intimidate preborn defenders. But this call for protectionism isn’t just for abortion advocates or unbelievers anymore, but we now see it cropping up among Christians, especially pastors. The Pastor Protection Act (HB 286) does just that as it creates “safe zones” for pastors who want state protection for remaining true to the gospel. Where in the Bible does God tell us to run to Caesar to protect us from persecution? The bill should be renamed the “Coffers Protection Act” since it really boils down to protecting churches' offerings. Listen to Mark call Christians to live a life full of risk-taking and radical obedience to God, rather than of timidity and fear of the boogeyman.