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“Shout Your Abortion”? | The Mark Harrington Show (9.14.2017)

September 15, 2017

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court of Ohioheard the case of Capital Care Network of Toledo v. Ohio Department of Health, which has a lawless Toledo abortion clinic ON THE ROPES due to its numerous and longstanding violations of Ohio law.

Why is Capital Care Network going to lose this case? Mark Harrington says it's because abortion is NOT HEALTH CARE, and abortion mills are NOT CLINICS. 

Abortion clinics wishing to be treated as "HEALTH CLINICS" can't have their cake and eat it too. Written transfer agreements are ROUTINE for all surgical centers, and if abortion clinics want to be considered health clinics (which is what they've INSISTED on being called), they should be required to meet basic surgical standards!

Abortion facilities, like any other ambulatory surgical facility (ASF) in Ohio, must have a transfer agreement (TA) with a local hospital. According to Ohio law only private hospitals can make TAs with abortion facilities. In Toledo, no private hospital wants to make a TA with the last remaining abortion clinic in the city.

Health care facilities don’t want to be affiliated with abortionists and abortion mills because they are tired of cleaning up their messes. THIS is why Capital Care of Toledo WILL LOSE THIS CASE!

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