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Pro-Abortion Schizophrenia in The New York Times | The Mark Harrington Show

October 27, 2017

The New York Times is one of the nation’s most pro-abortion newspapers. But ironically, they recently published an article about an AMAZING new procedure being used to help HEAL preborn babies from spina-bifida. This important medical development once again has demonstrated the UTTER MORAL SCHIZOPHRENIA of the abortion movement.

The procedure involves opening the lower abdomen, not the uterus. Instead, removing the uterus from the mother and inserting a fetoscope--and then, through another slit, surgical tools--the doctors drain out the amniotic fluid and inject carbon dioxide to keep the uterus expanded, giving them room to work and allowing them to see better and cauterize when needed.

They give the fetus an pain-killing injection and then, guided by images on the video screens, begin to operate on him, tugging skin and membranes over the naked spinal cord and sewing them tightly shut with five stitches to seal out amniotic fluid.

As the technology improves, the moral quandary it poses to pro-aborts will grow more and more interesting. Does the fetus go from non-human, to human, back to non-human? If the uterus is removed, do the mother's bodily rights apply before removal, but not during, but again after?

Join Mark Harrington as he explains how scientific and medical developments are undermining the argument for abortion and are one the main reasons the pro-life argument is WINNING.

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