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NEW Undercover Sting Exposes the BRUTAL Reality of Late Term Abortion | The Mark Harrington Show

December 1, 2017

New UNDERCOVER PHONE CALLS to LeRoy Carhart's abortion clinic in Bethesda, MD reveal that his staff is willing to arrange abortions for HEALTHY moms on HEALTHY unborn babies, WELL after the point of viability.

Abortion Free New Mexico recently released an undercover phone call that exposed the abusive practices of abortion clinics and the evidence continues to pile up that healthy babies of healthy mothers are being aborted legally in the later stages of pregnancy.

Mark Harrington uses the video testimony of former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino--who narrates the induction abortion method--to make ABSOLUTELY CLEAR what actually occurs during the late-term abortion described in the undercover recording.

Bottom line: With this kind of evidence made public, Americans are WITHOUT EXCUSE.

Mark also shares GOOD NEWS: Surgical abortions have hit an ALL-TIME LOW in America--the lowest they've been since BEFORE ROE v. WADE!

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