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National Heartbeat Bill Makes History in U.S. Congress | The Mark Harrington Show

November 3, 2017

The United States House Judiciary Committee recently heard testimony for H.R. 490 (aka the "Heartbeat Protection Act"), making the "Heartbeat Bill" THE MOST RESTRICTIVE PRO-LIFE LEGISLATION EVER TO BE HEARD BY U.S. CONGRESS!

(Watch the full hearing)

Shockingly, abortion advocates in the hearing room SHOUTED DOWN pro-life testimony and TURNED THEIR HEADS AWAY during the playing of ultrasound video of Lincoln Miller--a preborn baby. The hearing was ripe with evidence of the left's SNOBBISH attitude and its DENIAL OF BASIC SCIENCE.

Mark Harrington asks the age-old question: Is history repeating itself? Is our society TURNING OUR EYES from another MASS GENOCIDE occuring in our midst? What ever happened to "Never Again"?  Mark concludes that America is without excuse for its complicity and complacency in regards to the mass murder of preborn children.

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