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“Kill it!”- Presidential candidates are getting away with murder | The Mark Harrington Show | 2-27-20

February 27, 2020

You can’t make this stuff up!

On the same day Elizabeth Warren criticized Democrat presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg for allegedly telling a pregnant Bloomberg News employee to “kill it,” Warren skipped a vote to protect born alive infants after a failed abortion attempt.

The duplicity is astounding.

When every single Democrat running for President supports abortion up to the very moment of birth and even after birth, why are Bloomberg’s alleged comments such a big deal? Bloomberg was simply espousing the Democrat platform of abortion on demand.

Warren has no credibility. If Warren thinks Bloomberg can’t recommend abortion to an employee, then why does she defend abortion?

Also, this week Sen. Ben Sasse gave an impassioned speech on the Senate floor regarding the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act in which he called out the savagery of abortion advocates.

Are we really talking about this? Can’t we do better?  It’s time to stop looking to Washington, DC to solve the abortion problem. We need to be investing in state efforts instead.

On today’s show, Mark dissects these events to demonstrate the barbarism of the leading Democrat candidates for President.

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