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Equal Protection: The Constitution is Not Silent on Abortion – Alexandra Snyder

September 8, 2022

Justice Samuel Alito, writing in Dobbs, was silent on whether unborn children are considered persons who have a right to life under the 14th Amendment. Justice Kavanaugh concurred stating the Constitution is “neither pro-life nor pro-choice.”


So, is the constitution neutral on abortion?


According to many legal scholars, it isn’t.


FACT: Laws and treatises recognized unborn children as persons at the time the Fourteenth Amendment was drafted.


Alexandra Snyder says, “It is incoherent that a living human being would be worthy of protection in one state and treated as nothing more than medical waste in another. There is no third category of living human beings who are not persons.”


While we are pleased that the SCOTUS overturned Roe, the decision of Dobbs V. Jackson didn’t go far enough.


On today’s program, Mark will speak with Alexandra Snyder, CEO of Life Legal Defense Foundation, about how the current scenario of states making abortion policy is unconstitutional and inadequate for abolishing abortion.


Additionally, we will touch on the seemingly untouchable subject of whether abortion bans should protect the unborn equally by giving prosecutors the discretion to criminalize the women who commit them.


To learn more about Life Legal Defense Foundation, go to


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