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Death Panel to Kill UK Child, Charlie Gard, against Parents’ Will | The Mark Harrington Show

July 7, 2017

Remember when Sarah Palin was laughed at for suggesting that someday soon there would be "death panels" determining who lives and who dies? Sadly, the scenario she predicted is coming true in the United Kingdom. The European Court of Human Rights ruled that an eight-month-old Charlie Gard--a British boy with mitochondrial depletion syndrome--must be taken off of life support despite his parents' ability to pay for an expensive experimental treatment in the United States.

A delegation of American pro-life activists close to Mark Harrington is departing NOW in a last-ditch attempt to rescue Charlie Gard. Listen in as Catherine Glenn Foster of Americans United for Life joins Mark as they assess this Orwellian predicament, review what you can do about it and explain how it relates to our battle to DEFEND LIFE!

For more information on the Gard family's trials with socialized medicine, go to:

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