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Cecile Richards RESIGNS as FBI Turns Up the Heat! | The Mark Harrington Show

January 28, 2018



Mark Harrington gives a LIVE report on the RESIGNATION of Cecile Richards, directly from a Planned Parenthood (PP) abortion center.

Planned Parenthood stated that "Cecile plans to discuss 2018 and the next steps for Planned Parenthood's future at the upcoming board meeting."

Richards served at the helm of Planned Parenthood as it suffered through its worst-ever PUBLIC RELATIONS NIGHTMARE. This nightmare--the baby parts trafficking scandal--has led to an investigation from the FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation, ordered by The United States Department of Justice. Consequently, PP is now on the verge of losing HALF A BILLION DOLLARS in government funding.

We believe that this investigation and the threat of losing funding is why Richards resigned. But although it is positive that she'll be resigning, we don't think she'll be "going quietly into that good night."

Richards is no longer with PP, but she certainly isn't done pushing her child-killing agenda.

Either way this resignation is BIG! Why? Because RICHARDS HAS BEEN THE FACE OF BIG ABORTION FOR OVER A DECADE. Her removal is huge, because PP is going to have trouble finding someone to replace her tenacity for HIGHER RATES OF ABORTION.

Elections have consequences. Cecile Richards wouldn't be resigning if it weren't for the FBI reopening its investigation into PP... and that investigation wouldn't have happened if Hillary Clinton had been elected.

Mark also previews NEW FOOTAGE OF VIOLENCE towards pro-life activists and debunks a response he expects to hear from the abortion industry--that "pro-lifers are getting more violent, too!"

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