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On Target Bathrooms: Do Christians Even Care that Our Society is Slowly Unraveling? | The Mark Harrington Show

May 2, 2016
Does the abandonment of our MOST BASIC cultural norms BOTHER ANYBODY ANYMORE?  Listen in as Mark interviews Coach Dave Daubenmire--President of Pass the Salt Ministries and past host for Mark--about what he's doing to show he is bothered by Target's recent fantasy-land policy change that pretends the sexes of male and female don't exist!  Coach took his views STRAIGHT TO THE STREETSspeaking with his local Target manager to clarify the policy and express his concerns.

Target recently released this statement: "Inclusivity is a core belief at Target.  We stand for equality.  We strive to make our team members and guests feel accepted, respected and welcome at our stores every day.  Every guest, every community deserves to be protected from discrimination.  We welcome transgender team members and guests to use the public restroom that they feel corresponds most closely with their gender identity."

Of course, this is just a smoke-screen for an across-the-board, broad-brush policy ALLOWING ANYONE to go into ANY BATHROOM FOR ANY REASON.  This policy is a free pass for voyeurs, pedophiles and rapists to take advantage of the privacy of their restrooms and changing rooms.  And THE PERVERTS HAVE ALREADY BEGUN!

A man was caught filming women in the dressing room of a Missouri Target. North Carolinian Christians were recently ARRESTED FOR PROTESTING THEIR LOCAL TARGET.  Will you stand with them?  Join Coach Dave Daubenmire's next protest of Target in Heath, Ohio on May 7th, and stay tuned for information regarding the date for a National Protest of Target!