Activist Radio: The Mark Harrington Show

Are Pro-Lifers Playing “Whack-a-Mole”?

September 6, 2016

Close one abortion center down, another one pops up. For about a decade, abortion mills have been closing all across America.  However, Planned Parenthood has been trying to fill the gap by constructing giant abortion factories in major US cities.  Just last week in Toledo, the shuttered Center for Choice was razed. In DC, Planned Parenthood opened a regional mega-center. Considering this “Whack-a-Mole” scenario, it is hard to see whether we are winning. Mark shares that the real determining factor for our effectiveness is whether the demand for abortion is decreasing overall. On that front, abortion numbers are steadily decreasing. In 1990, abortions reached their peak at1.6M. However, now they are around 1M per year. Along with public opinion moving ever so slowly in the pro-life direction, we are clearly making progress.

Finally, Mark discusses whether he feels building memorials to the preborn are premature since most memorials are constructed after the killing ends. Please tune in every week at 1:30 ET on WRFDam880 in the Ohio area or download the show using Podbean or iTunes.