Radical #ProlifeGen Interns Speak Out

July 1, 2016

What compels high school and college students to pass on extra-curricular summer camps, internships, and trips and decide to spend their summer with Created Equal instead? In an age when young adults often grow up passively unchallenged, these students are offensively battling the ideas that drive our culture's attack on preborn children. They have signed up for the hard work of defending preborn lives through the multiple-outreach platform of Operation Overpass, Killers Among Us, sidewalk counseling, and downtown outreach. Their courage and tenacity to stay the course in fighting for preborn human rights will inspire, challenge, and remind us that it will take people of all ages to unite to end the injustice of abortion. 

“Bubble Boy” law . . .

June 24, 2016

Columbus, OH City Council passed an amended ordinance that specifically targeted the pro-life activists that have created a consistent presence outside the two remaining abortion facilities in Columbus. The ACLU believes the law is redundant, unnecessary, and unconstitutional. Police are concerned it will lead to frivolous reports, citations, and possible lawsuits costing the city of Columbus money. City council watered it down because of these concerns. We won’t be silenced at abortion facilities. Mark also reports on #OperationRNC. After Created Equal’s Ohio tour, the city of Cleveland denied our permit in front of Quicken Loans Arena despite a federal judge ruling that limits on speech at the RNC are unconstitutional.  Stay tuned.

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

June 22, 2016

Columbus, OH City Council voted to chill protests in the city through a proposed ordinance that would charge anti-abortion activists with a first-degree misdemeanor for "harassing" someone within 15 feet of an abortion center. The ordinance is specifically targeted at the pro-life activists that have created a consistent presence outside the two remaining abortion facilities in Columbus. This ordinance is a solution looking for problem. It is redundant, unnecessary, and unconstitutional. Enforcing this law will be a nightmare for law enforcement leading to frivolous reports, citations, and possible lawsuits costing the city of Columbus money. City council has one purpose in mind and that is to silence opposition at abortion facilities.   

Courage in an age of adversity

June 8, 2016

Mark shares how increasingly difficult it is to stand in an age and nation that rejects Christ and his Truth. Like the “Men of Isaachar, who understood the times and knew what Israel should do,” (1 Chron. 12: 32) we need to prepare for the days in which we live. Courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to do what is right in spite of your fear. Are you “suffering shame” for His name? Are you “rejoicing” in persecution? Are you undeterred in your mission? Listen as Mark challenges you to be bold ambassadors for the Gospel.

Living on the “Planet of the Apes”

June 6, 2016

What an interesting, yet tragic, look into the cultural rot of America. The national outrage over this ape's death has sparked a petition and protests calling for "Justice for Harambe." When a country abandons its unique Christian underpinnings, it loses the ability to value humans (because we are made in the image of God) over animals. Decades of teaching evolutionism in schools and the mainstreaming of animal rights activism has resulted in massive worldview confusion.

No one cares when apes are routinely killed by other animals or hunters in the jungle. If the mother of this toddler would have have killed her child by abortion, these same activists would be calling her a hero.

Feds try to censor #OperationRNC

May 27, 2016

Created Equal applied for permits for July 13-15 in Cleveland for the days leading up to the RNC. We recently received an email from the city saying they cannot approve our permits until federal, state, and local law enforcement set up their security plans. However, our "permit" is the First Amendment to the US Constitution!

Delaying approval of our permits is the game they play to infringe upon the effort to get our message out. First Amendment protections can be accommodated along with security concerns for the convention. We are going sue the city if they don’t approve the permits by June 1. Our case is especially egregious because we are applying for permits for the week before the RNC even begins!

Mark discusses how we fight for the right to speak almost as often as we fight for the right to life of the preborn. 

Let the battle begin! Join #‎theRESISTANCE


The absurdity of “safe zones” for the secularist and the saint.

May 23, 2016

This is not violence,” an angry abortion advocate screams while physically attacking a Created Equal team member. Last week a Columbus, OH resident roughed up one of our outreach team members even before he had an opportunity to dialogue with his intended audience. It seems increasingly common for abortion advocates not only to dissent to our message but also to resort to violence. In defending the violence of abortion, abortion advocates use violence to intimidate preborn defenders. But this call for protectionism isn’t just for abortion advocates or unbelievers anymore, but we now see it cropping up among Christians, especially pastors. The Pastor Protection Act (HB 286) does just that as it creates “safe zones” for pastors who want state protection for remaining true to the gospel. Where in the Bible does God tell us to run to Caesar to protect us from persecution? The bill should be renamed the “Coffers Protection Act” since it really boils down to protecting churches' offerings. Listen to Mark call Christians to live a life full of risk-taking and radical obedience to God, rather than of timidity and fear of the boogeyman.

To vote or not to vote? That is the question.

May 19, 2016

Confused on this election's presidential candidates?  Unsure how to vote come November?  Mark spends some time discussing his personal views on the presidential election of 2016. Coming not from the perspective NOT of the director of Created Equal but from a citizen's viewpoint. Should we vote for the lesser of two evils or in this case the lesser of two scum bags?  There is a good case to be made for supporting the GOP nominee. However, there are others who say they cannot pull the lever for this Republican nominee for moral and ethical reasons. Listen in!  You will be challenged!

Created Equal does not endorse or oppose any candidate(s) for political office. #OperationRNC is a not supported ors ponsored by any candidate, candidate committee, or political party and is solely intended to defend the sanctity of human life.

Justice Riders to the Rescue: “We will never give up!”

May 10, 2016

Some believe we are winning the battle over abortion because of what NARAL’s Nancy Keenan called the “intensity gap.” Our Justice Riders are made up of some of our most active pro-life activists. They’ve led their own outreaches. They’ve trained their peers in apologetics. And now they’re raising the stakes to give their summer full-time to #THERESISTANCE. From downtown centers to busy highway overpasses, they’re placing images of humans slaughtered by abortion in the public eye. They’re pleading with those entering abortion facilities, answering objections to the case against abortion, and so much more.

Listen in as Mark interviewsIan Spencer and Sarah Jimenez share their experiences on campuses acrossAmerica.  You will be inspired.

It is their commitment to God which compels them to stand apart from an apathetic generation. It’s His love for them which inspires their love for those vulnerable. Follow our team of game-changers this summer with pictures, videos, and more: Follow us on Facebook.com/CreatedEqual

On Target Bathrooms: Do Christians Even Care that Our Society is Slowly Unraveling? | The Mark Harrington Show

May 2, 2016
Does the abandonment of our MOST BASIC cultural norms BOTHER ANYBODY ANYMORE?  Listen in as Mark interviews Coach Dave Daubenmire--President of Pass the Salt Ministries and past host for Mark--about what he's doing to show he is bothered by Target's recent fantasy-land policy change that pretends the sexes of male and female don't exist!  Coach took his views STRAIGHT TO THE STREETSspeaking with his local Target manager to clarify the policy and express his concerns.

Target recently released this statement: "Inclusivity is a core belief at Target.  We stand for equality.  We strive to make our team members and guests feel accepted, respected and welcome at our stores every day.  Every guest, every community deserves to be protected from discrimination.  We welcome transgender team members and guests to use the public restroom that they feel corresponds most closely with their gender identity."

Of course, this is just a smoke-screen for an across-the-board, broad-brush policy ALLOWING ANYONE to go into ANY BATHROOM FOR ANY REASON.  This policy is a free pass for voyeurs, pedophiles and rapists to take advantage of the privacy of their restrooms and changing rooms.  And THE PERVERTS HAVE ALREADY BEGUN!

A man was caught filming women in the dressing room of a Missouri Target. North Carolinian Christians were recently ARRESTED FOR PROTESTING THEIR LOCAL TARGET.  Will you stand with them?  Join Coach Dave Daubenmire's next protest of Target in Heath, Ohio on May 7th, and stay tuned for information regarding the date for a National Protest of Target!