A Long-Time Baby Shredder is about to Have His License Shredded! | The Mark Harrington Show

April 27, 2016

Notorious abortionist Martin Haskell is making his last stand.  An Ohio law passed in 2013 requiring abortion clinics to meet minimum ambulatory surgical standards--including the requirement that clinics have transfer agreements with local hospitals--is coming back to bite Haskell!  For years Haskell has been TAKING ADVANTAGE OF A LOOPHOLE in this requirement... UNTIL NOW!  In 2015, we delivered postcards in neighborhoods surrounding his last Ohio abortion facility to expose the physicians enabling him to use the loophole.  This exposure campaign discouraged those physicians and others from helping Haskell to keep his substandard clinic open.  Almost immediately after our campaign, Haskell was unable to find the necessary number of physicians to sign on to this loophole variance agreement.  This Tuesday (April 26th), HASKELL IS MAKING HIS LAST APPEAL to the Ohio Department of Health in a HAIL-MARY ATTEMPT to retain his license.  Created Equal will be in attendance, and will await a decision from the ODH!  Listen to this week's show to hear Mark's predictions and why Mark believes this hearing is a watershed moment for Created Equal's Killers Among Us project and for the pro-life movement at large.

Additionally, Mark covers Senator Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska), who made headlines last week in DC after his passionate argument against Planned Parenthood's grisly baby parts trade, which outlined StemExpress' parts-selling site.  Their site included a horrific drop-down menu ALLOWING GUESTS TO THE SITE TO SHOP FOR DESIRED BODY PARTS and CHOOSE THE METHOD OF SHIPMENT!  Mark asks some important questions: Are we now living on another planet that we knowingly allow this this to continue?  Where has humanity gone?  Let's prove we're still here on earth, folks.  Look up your local Planned Parenthood and commit to attending  our annual ProtestPP National Day of Planned Parenthood Protest, which takes place on Saturday, April 23rd from 9-11am.  Over 220 cities will be protesting simultaneously!

Created Equal will be in Cleveland for the Republican National Convention to inform voters of the moral gravity of abortion and the NEED FOR IT TO BE EMPHASIZED PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS!  We do not support or condemn a particular candidate.  We will simply emphasize the importance of the life issue to all voters.  Please RSVP for our Facebook event if you would like to witness with us!